Tuesday, November 6, 2007

"Our strength is pen", We will continue to write, even our hands are chopped", "We will not stop writing". These were some of the slogans shouted during the protest on November 6 th 2007 in front of the Fort Railway Station. It was organized by the Movement Against Media Suppression (MAMS). Free Media Movement, Sri Lanka Working Journalists Association, Federation of Media Employees Trade Unions, Sri Lanka Tamil Media Alliance and Sri Lanka Muslim Media Forum have joined hands to fight for media freedom in Sri Lanka. The journalists, civil rights activists and human rights activists who support the decision to have a protest against the media suppression have participated.

All assembled in front of the Fort Railway Station at 12.30, and staged a protest. Some stared to shout slogans for media freedom, while women rights activists started to sing slogans. After one hour all stared to move towards the World Market, and came back to the Fort Railway Station.The attention of the protest was caught by vendors, passengers and passers-by.